Senta Cork Stool
Senta Cork Stool Senta Cork Stool Senta Cork Stool Senta Cork Stool

Design: Fernando Brízio for Materia

Materials: Agglomerated cork, Wood


255 diam x 443 h mm

10,04" diam x 17,44" h



The Senta Stool structure allows the legs to be easily inserted into the seat. Very portable and saves room when necessary. 


Cork is a wide range application material, adapting itself to the environment without any problems. It is a material of immense value due to its ecological capabilities and environmental friendliness. 


Caring for Cork: Clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning product, when necessary. Keep from prolonged exposure to direct sun light to prevent discolouring. When in contact with water, cork will temporary darken; allow to dry thoroughly before putting your cork object away. Avoid contact with soapy or greasy water as that can stain the material. Cork is a natural raw material; its appearance, namely color, may alter with time, without loss to its intrinsic properties.