Rosemary Buczek Illumination 2018
A Class in Beginning Illumination

In this class we will “fly over” the history of the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages in Europe.  These precious volumes have preserved for us a very special art form for those of us who love the art of letters.  We will study the versal letter and spend some time drawing the basic shapes of the alphabet. From there we will review the historical gilding technique of gesso. And we will learn how to use Instacoll which is a comtemporary size for use in gilding on paper as well as architectural gilding. Then we will study the basic shape of the Acanthus Leaf which is so heavily used in Medieval Illumination and along with that the importance of the compound curve in creating the layout and design of a text.  We will discuss layout with the vine work as the frame.  And then we will build ourcolor palette and proceed to work through the steps of creating this piece.  

By the end of class, it is my hope that we will have discussed the basic Versal or Missal letter, the use and importance of the compound curve, Layout and Design of a text, the proper use of Instacoll and how to handle patent or loose leaf gold, as well as how to choose a color palette.

All participants will be creating the attached art work. The layout and calligraphic elements will already have been completed. This workshop will focus on the techniques and application on how to create and finish this piece of artwork.

About Rosemary Buczek

Rosemary Buczek graduated from Caldwell College, New Jersey, in 1971 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. She began freelance work from her home and in 1987 formally opened her studio, "The Gilded Quill". Rosemary's love of the Medieval Manuscripts of the Medieval Ages has influenced her designs and use of color. She combines her calligraphic skills with illuminations including gilding techniques to produce resolutions, certificates, hand lettered books and illuminated manuscripts of her own design.

Rosemary's skills have been recognized by the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) whereby she achieved the title of "Master Penman", and served two terms as President. Her studio and outstanding work have been featured in newspapers and magazines.

A piece of her work, entitled San Giuseppe, was recently awarded Third Place in an International Competition in Italy. In addition, Rosemary's work is held in private collections in countries around the world.

Rosemary has recently written the forward for a new book published in Britain and written by British author and calligrapher, Margaret Morgan. The book is entitled "The Bible of Illuminated Letters" and was published in the spring of 2006. Additionally, Rosemary and her work is recognized in upcoming book, 100 New York Calligraphers by Cynthia M Dantzic.

Most recently, Rosemary was commissioned by St. Joseph's Seminary in N. Y. to produce a prayer which she illuminated and framed and was presented to Pope Benedict upon his arrival to the Seminary in April, 2008. The prayer is now going to print.

Rosemary has taught many workshops around the country where she has shared her skills in gilding, drawing and designing with the illuminated letter, as well as painting techniques. This internationally distinguished artist is currently working on lettering, illuminating and illustrating a children's book.

Rosemary and her husband, Steve, have five grown children and now have ten grandchildren.


  • Both class 1 and class 2 are the same ! Therefore unless you want to learn the same thing twice, only sign up for only one of the two classes
  • Duration - all workshop days are from 10-5 pm with a one hour lunch break 
  • Small class size - maximum 12 students 
  • Location - 11/F Nam Hing Fong. 39 Yiu Wa Street. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Price $9,500 hkd per 5 day workshop (materials included) 
  • All Skills Level

 Supplies (Included)please note there could possibly be last minute changes to this list, but we will inform you ASAP. 

  • Gilding Medium
  • 23K Gold Leaf for Gilding
  • Approx 2-3 brushes (Princeton, Series 7 etc.)
  • Approx 5-8 tubes of gouache (per person)
  • Mat Board / Artist Tape / Paper
  • Painting Dishes 
  • Dropper Bottle 

Supplies ( What YOU need to bring) please note there could possibly be last minute changes to this list, but we will inform you ASAP. 

  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Supplies for note taking
  • Water containers & Towels to clean your brushes 
  • Pointed Pen ( Straight, with nib if your choice)
  • Stylus (CN Square has these)
  • Optional : Agate Burnisher ( we will have some for you to share 

 *All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. We understand that life happens, so feel free to find a replacement for your seat on your own accord. Thank you! 

*If there are any weather warnings (such as black rainstorm, or typhoons), the classes will be EXTENDED on an existing day so that participants do not need to take an additional day off / reschedule their travel plans.