Dreaming In Script: Part II


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Dreaming In Script - Part Two

This class introduces the students to what are called component studies. If the foundational shapes are the atoms of script, these studies are similar to molecules. The class begins with a discussion around a concept called 'the interval', which is a mechanical spacing unit around which every letter and letter combination is constructed. Utilizing this mechanical model, the experience for writing Engrosser's Script can feel more standardized, and word assembly becomes something that is objectively correct or incorrect.

This class requires that students be able to perceive relative measurements with their eye. While there is little measurement with an instrument, it is important for the student to be able to see that one set of strokes is farther apart than another, and note the relationship between those two sets and a third. 

In addition to intermediate concepts surrounding the minuscule letters, this class introduces attendees to the majuscule letterforms in easy-to-grasp comparison studies. The majuscule portion of this class is based on the overlay and comparison of one majuscule form with the next. Students will discover multiple areas of focus to improve the overall effect and consistency of their majuscules letters while gaining solid concepts for what each should look like as a solitary form.

By the end of this class, students have constructed several properly spaced and constructed words, with a number of useful rules and ideas for tricky letter combinations and a pocket full of historical minuscule and majuscule letter variations they can use at will.



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