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All about calligraphy paper and why you should know it

Pyaar: All about calligraphy paper and its importance

The paper you use in calligraphy matters. By knowing which paper to use, you can control the image that your strokes can create. Moreover, the brush and pen that you use can dictate the paper you should use. 

For example, if you are using brush pens, you should look for paper that is bleed proof, smooth and non-absorbent. By using this specific type of paper, you prevent the ink from fraying and also allow you to keep the ink longer. 

If you want to understand the dynamic of open and paper better, here are a few details that you need to know. Make sure that you take in all the information and utilize it to your advantage. Get all the information you need from Pyaar Hong Kong below!

The difference between papers 

The difference between the paper materials can be identified by simply touching the surface of the paper. Most of the time, when a paper is smooth to the touch, it is bleed proof. Rougher paper surfaces tend to be absorbent and could affect the flow of the ink. It wouldn’t be wise to use your regular copy paper either since it can potentially damage the surface of your felt tip. 

The difference between using the right paper 

Knowing what paper to use can be advantageous to an artist like you. Not only would it let you save money, but it would also allow you to maximize what you can do with your art. Brush pens are rather sensitive, thus it only has a limited lifespan depending on the frequency of usage. 

If you know which paper to use, you can prolong the lifespan of your brush pen even more. The reason why this is possible is that you can prevent the paper from soaking up all the ink from your pen.

Pyaar Hong Kong: Best paper for calligraphy

The best paper to use highly depends on the brush that you are using. However, the most common papers used in calligraphy are the following since they prove to be non-absorbent: 

  • Rhodia dot pad – This type of pad has a dotted grid, which is perfect for drawing guidelines. You can use it to keep your calligraphy evenly spaced. 
  • Canson marker A4 pad – The Canson marker A4 pad is a blank paper that is smooth to the touch. It would allow your brush pen to glide freely on the paper while leaving a smooth and even stroke. 
  • Canson XL series marker paper pad – This one is the same as the marker A4 pad. However, what makes this pad different is that it has a bigger space for you. If you love writing in huge letters, this pad would work well with your art. 

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