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Soap Calligrapher Ink Stirrer

Designed by Luis Chiang in Melbourne, Australia this new battery operated ink stirrer is our go to. It is perfect for those who like to work with shimmery inks like Dr. Ph Martin's or Pearl Ex pigments. This ink stirrer will keep your inks stirred while you work and create less hassle having to constantly shake our bottles. 

It is pretty simple to use. Just put your desired ink into the bottle provided (or in my case, i'm obsessed with my Nalgene's so I put my inks in there) and add ONE of the magnetic bars included in the package. Luis' suggests using the bigger stir bar for thicker inks and the smaller one for thinner ones. I don't think it really makes a difference as long as the ink stirs. 

You can adjust the speed at which the ink gets stirred. I normally start off slow and gradually increase the speed. 

See below the ink stirrer in action with rose gold pearl ex ! 


 The stirrer is quiet, super portable and the batteries last approximately 10 hours. I use this at home, in the studio and even take it to on site jobs with me. It comes in two gorgeous colors 'Dead Sea Clay' and 'English Rose'. For those who are interested in purchasing, it is available in my shop : . We ship worldwide via Fedex or locally via SF Express.