SOAP Calligrapher Ink Stirrer November 10 2017

Each SOAP comes in a gift box with a mailing box outside. Each set includes 1 x Soap, 1 x Bottles, 1 x big stir bar, 1 x small stir bar and a velvet travellers pouch. It comes in Dead Sea Clay (pale grey) and also English Rose (pale pink)

Power & Duration

2 x AAA batteries (NOT included), approximately 10 hours 

Dimensions & Weights

Total set weights 310 grams

Bottle: 32mm (opening) x 42mm (body) x 40mm (base) x 40 mm (height)

**Any similar size bottle with base NO LARGER than 40mm can be used with the SOAP. 


1. Insert 2 x AAA batteries into the battery compartment. 

2. Place ONLY ONE stir bar within the ink inside the bottle. The minimum ink level needs to fully cover the stir bar. 

3. Place bottle on top of the ink stirrer. Slide on the thumbwheel located on the side of the SOAP slowly to set the desired speed of spnning. 


The big stir bar generations stronger stirring action, good for think inks like acrylic based ones or mixing metallic powdered inks. The small one is better for stirring lighter inks. 

If the stir bar is jumping inside the bottle instead of spinning quietly in the middle, that indicates the speed is too fast. Turn the thumbwheel to the left to slow down the spinning speed or turn it off and on again. 


DO NOT PUT IT UNDER WATER, this is not a real soap bar. 


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