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Creative handmade soap recipes you can try

Pyaar: Creative handmade soap recipes you can try 

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you tired of using regular soaps that are rich in chemicals? We have the perfect solution for you! 

Here at Pyaar, We invite you to our local workshops here at Hong Kong where you can learn how to create authentic, handmade soaps made from organic ingredients. The one who would lend you a helping hand in our classes would be our talented local artists who have been in the business of creating artisan soaps since 2007. 

Soap crafting is a practical skill that you can use for your business or entertainment. It is the perfect avenue to inspire creativity in you. The DIY soap recipes that we have right here at Pyaar are loaded with natural ingredients and aromatic scents made with purely organic materials. 

Not only are these products better for your skin, but they also work best in helping preserve nature. Prepare your desired natural ingredients and let us start creating your soap! 

Alchemy of soap: Making soap from scratch

Some artists prefer to purchase premade soap bases that you can melt and mould to your desired shape. However, here at Pyaar, we prefer to make everything from scratch to give the product authenticity. 

To create your soap from scratch, you need to prepare lye. This ingredient is a type of caustic salt more commonly known as sodium hydroxide. A chemical reaction would be triggered when you pour lye with oil and this reaction is called saponification. The soap is created as lye evaporates! 

Once you figure this out, you are free to make everything you like and create the best organic soaps that are safe to use even for sensitive skin. 

Popular processes in soapmaking 

There are several methods you can use in creating your soap. Allow us to show you the most popular choices and give you a brief description of each below:

Ment and pour – the melt and pour process doesn’t involve making the soap from scratch. Here, you can use pre-made soap bases that you can mould and melt according to your desires. There is no need to touch any lye when using this process! 

The cold and hot process – These processes allow you to create your soap from scratch. Between the two, the cold process is more popular. However, it takes longer than the hot process where you can create rustic-styled soaps. 

Rebatching – This process is where you remake a bad batch of soaps to save your ingredients. The only problem with these soaps is that it would take time to make them. Moreover, the result is less aesthetically pleasing.

Handmade soap recipes and scents 

Create your unique scent and use our recipes below! These recipes are tried and tested here at Pyaar so you can rest assured that the result would be desirable. If you want to ensure that you would create these soaps as magnificently as possible, you can attend our handmade soap workshop. Sign up for the class now and start crafting your soap. 

A woodsy and earthy blend   

If you are looking for a fresh scent that embodies a masculine, cool and heavenly scent, this is the recipe that you should try. To create this wonderful earthy scent, you need to procure a base of coconut, sesame oil, castor, canola, shea and kokum butter. 

To give it a refreshing scent with a hint of cool breeze, you need to add vetiver, lime and cedarwood essential oils. It would result in a smokey marble soap that has an addictingly masculine scent. 

A fresh citrus soap 

If you want to smell fresh and zesty for the summer, you need to try our fresh citrus soap. This is one of the classic recipes in the book that you can customize to give it a more alluring appeal. 

For this soap, you can use pre-made soaps that you can melt. We recommend drying out citrus slices to give your soap a refreshing scent. Since the slices could be heavy, we suggest adding it only after the soap is sufficiently dry or at least solid enough to keep the shape. Your recipe should include goat’s milk, citrus essential oil, milk and dried orange slices. 

A skin-nourishing soap 

Looking for an organic soap that is extra nourishing for your skin? Try our recipe that uses shea and cocoa butter. This soap is perfect for keeping the skin moisturized, supple and soft. To add a flair to your soap, you can add mica or a fleck of gold and brown colouring to make the soap appear as if it is glittering. We recommend adding mica only after the soap is sufficiently thick enough so that the glitter wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the soap mixture. 

A colourful and exfoliating loofah soap 

Express your creativity using melt and mould soap! These fun looking loofah soaps are easy to recreate. All you have to do is to melt your soap base and cut the loofa as you dip it into a mixture of your choice. 

We recommend the rose petal loofah soap. This amazing handmade soap only needs a drop of rose essential oil and a rose mica colour for that alluring pink colour. 

A crea-tea-ve soap 

This crea-tea-ve soap recipe is perfect for tea lovers. To create the calming and fresh scent of tea, we used green tea and lemongrass scent. It has the perfect scent that would make you feel as if you spent a day in the spa. What’s even more amazing is that this soap can be created using ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. 

All you have to do is to steep green tea and add eucalyptus and lemongrass oil to the mixture to give it a refreshing scent with a healing fragrance. 

A bath in the lavender field 

Our bath in the lavender field recipe is the perfect lavender-scented soap for you. It recreates the spa ambience quite wonderfully. You can even use this soap to relieve stress and give your mind and body relief. 

To create this soap, you need to add patchouli, orange and lavender essential oils to the mix. If you want to retain the purple colour of the lavender, you need to first shred the petals and sprinkle them on your soap batter. This would give your soap a wonderful colour. 

A poppy for you

There is nothing that speaks of a sweet summer day than a poppy soap made with lemon. Poppy seeds are excellent exfoliators that remove the dead skin without harming the surface of your epidermis. Moreover, it can keep your skin moisturised while also improving your blood circulation. 

The blend that we use in this soap includes orange and litsea cubeba essential oil. Both ingredients possess a charmingly zesty scent. Moreover, it has a natural colour that appears like a lemon. Add the poppy seeds once the soap batter is thick enough to hold the seed without sinking it to the bottom of your soap.

A delectable candy soap 

If you like the sweet smell of desserts, this soap would be sure to have you drooling. Our candy soap smells distinctly of cocoa powder and cinnamon. The strong scent of the sweet cinnamon and cocoa is balanced out by the mellow scent of vanilla. To make the soap aesthetically pleasing, you can pour the cinnamon cocoa soap and layer it with a separate vanilla scent to recreate a cake-like look. Enjoy your sweet new scent and smell positively delightful! 

A carved crystal soap 

Want to make bath time more magical? You can create your soaps in the shape of crystals that sparkle and gleams under the light. To create this soap, you need to use mica and glitter additives. What’s wonderful about this soap is that you don’t have to worry about the shape and cuts of the soap. It is, after all, made to look like crystals. You can add your favourite scents to the crystals too. 

A honeybee’s dream 

Honey is one of the best ingredients when it comes to organic soaps. It makes the skin feel smooth and silky. Moreover, it has a mild and delectable scent that you wouldn’t be able to get enough of. 

To create this simple soap, you need to use goat’s milk and pour it onto your soap base. You can then add honey and soap colourant to the mix as well as your desired scent. Including honey in your soap can give you the natural benefit of protecting your skin from bacteria. Moreover, it has the amazing ability to brighten the look of your skin. To make your soap look more appealing, you can use a honeycomb mould!

Excited to learn more amazing recipes? Join our handmade soap class today here in Hong Kong and create your most captivating scents with fresh and organic ingredients!

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