Welcome to Pyaar! We are a small business based in Hong Kong located near the wonderful beach of Causeway Bay. We have established our company in 2015 and have since aimed to provide nothing but the best quality in both our products, services and workshops. 

Our quaint store is the perfect little shop for your calligraphy excursions as well as organic goods cravings. If you want to know more about us and our products, please review the information below:

About us: A dedicated team 

Our company was started by a mother and her daughter who both share interests in crafting and creating scrapbooks with calligraphies. Here at our store, we focus on selling select goods made with organic materials from all over the world. We also follow the criteria of handmade and eco-friendly when it comes to our products. 

The goods we sell in our store are some of the products that we have encountered throughout our travels. We realized that there are countless beautiful handmade products all across the globe that are not getting the recognition they deserve so we work with the artists who make them and partner with them in selling their goods in Hong Kong.

In our store, you will find multiple ceramic goods made by Japanese artists. Each piece is unique and handmade so you can collect and display them proudly in your home. The pieces that we sell are all carefully curated and unique and are at the forefront of ceramic designs that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. 

Here at Pyaar, we value green life in every aspect of our business. We believe that if we support local artists and their passion to create and express themselves, the world would be a better place. With this in mind, we attempt to source all of our products with an eco-friendly aspect. We believe that this would help us preserve our planet for our future and allow us to give back to the community in the most positive way possible.   

Our products: Simple, artistic, refined

Our products here at Pyaar are made of organic materials and crafted by inspired and unique artists. Each of our products has a unique appeal that would bring you delight as you collect them. Take a look at the products that you can find right here at our store: 

  • Ink and colours 
  • Nibs 
  • Cards and paper 
  • Brush pen and lettering 
  • Penholders and sets 
  • Workshop and art classes 
  • Pet supplies
  • Kitchen utensils 
  • Dining equipment
  • Living room appliances 
  • Bed and bath 
  • Unique art collections
  • Organic soaps 

See something that you like? Contact us now and reserve the product that you would like to purchase from our store. Explore our catalogues today and support local artists based here in Hong Kong!